Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dental Tourism

 Dental smile care



Dental Tourism simply means travelling abroad to avail affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one's own country. Many Americans have being going across the border to Mexico scouting for bargain dental prosthetics, dental care and dental surgery.


Dentistree International Dental Hospital works with you on your schedule and timeframe to ensure quick access to all treatments. While the primary motive for patients is affordable dental care, we also provide an exciting travel opportunity combined with your dental care.

Dentistree International Dental Hospital is one of the main objectives to promote Dental Tourism.
Dental Tourism is now an acknowledged field in itself. Owing to the huge difference in dental treatment costs between developed and developing nations, it is not surprising to find that dental patients in greater numbers from developed nations. India, a country rich in beauty, culture and heritage has emerged as a strong contender for dental tourism, given its historical reputation of providing the world with highly skilled man-power including doctors/dentists, engineers and computer professionals etc.

Advanced dental treatment needs like dental implants, all ceramic crowns & bridge, veneers (including procera), precious metal prosthesis, flexible valplast dentures, advanced maxillofacial surgery, children’s dentistry as well as general family dentistry are all available in India as per international standards of care, with effective and efficient autoclave based sterilization at nearly one tenth of their costs in developed nations.



Dentistree International Dental Hospital, expertise in full mouth rehabilitation is for those worried with "loose teeth", difficulty in eating, traumatic bite and consequent joint problems, badly worn teeth, loss of facial height and those in need of a total oral "re-vamp".

When performed by clinicians it can work wonders for the patient in terms of appearance, function and comfort by combining the principles of neuromuscular science and cosmetic dentistry.

For any dental tourist, seeking dental treatment away from home can be a challenging and tricky affair. Some points of help include:

Try to get information on available dentists before you arrive. Get an idea on the qualifications, continuing education updates and registration status.

Keep your first visit as an informal discussion. Observe the clinic and the dentist to confirm if they live up to your treatment expectations.

Check the hygiene levels and confirm if autoclave based sterilization is used as per international standards.

Observe the professional conduct of the staff. Check if treatment needs are discussed and treatment plan explained to your satisfaction.

Cost of treatment is not the best judge of quality of dentistry. Confirm payment policies of the clinic. Check if mode of payments (cash or card) are acceptable.

 If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek a second opinion. If your dentist’s treatment plan is sound, it should hold up to scrutiny by others in the profession.

Word of mouth referrals are important guides.

Get an idea on local weather conditions and any festivities.


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