Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Crown and Bridge

Do you have heavily chipped or fractured teeth?  Teeth that appear not to have formed in their entirety, or several missing teeth?  Not to worry, as we can help you to restore your smile with beautiful, healthy looking teeth with our expertise in the areas of crown and bridge work.
A crown, which is also sometimes referred to as a cap, is made from either ceramic or gold (or a combination of both) and shaped to mimic a natural tooth.  A crown is actually fitted over the remaining part of your own tooth which means less removal of your original teeth, and a stronger, more natural looking result.

Similarly, a bridge is like having two crowns joined together, which are cemented onto your own teeth for that natural support and have a fixed false tooth in the middle of the two to bridge the gap.  This means that if you have a mixture of damaged and missing teeth – we can fix these issues for you and give you the confidence of having a full, beautiful healthy smile back.
See right for examples of what a difference this can make!

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  1. I got a crown in college, and I never regretted it. Before I got the crown, I had a composite cover that looked yellow and fake. Once I had my crown in place, no one ever noticed the difference. I felt a lot more confident about my smile, which meant I smiled and talked a lot more. Overall, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. | http://www.dentalsmile.com.au